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Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently

About us


Our Aim

Our aim at Swim Evolution is to teach all children and adults to swim in a structured and progressive manner, giving encouragement and reassurance every step of the way, whilst making the experience of learning to swim


Our Classes

We offer a wide variety of swimming activities for children of all ages and abilities. With lessons for either 1 or 2 children per teacher your child can fully interact with our water-based instructors, we find this method more effective than poolside teaching.

ASA Qualified

All our instructors are ASA qualified and we believe in working to the highest standards to gain our excellent results. The Amateur Swimming Association operate comprehensive certification and education programmes for teachers. We follow their structured and progressive swim syllabus, which we find to be the most effective in making your child a confident, competent and happy swimmer.


Get in Touch!

If the time has come for your child to learn to swim, choose Swim Evolution for friendly, fun lessons with rapid results.



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